Top most dangerous dogs in the world (with cnologists comments)

Top most dangerous dogs in the world (with cnologists comments)

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11. The Russian Black Terrier

This breed that was developed during the 20 and 30-s of the past century is the only existed canine variety that was purposefully bred to hunt human. The Black Terrier was created by Soviet dog experts to guard detainees in camp prisons; its task was to make sure that they wouldn’t escape, including at the expense of detainees’ lives.

Unfortunately the repressions of the 30s also tolerate such an approach.

Nowadays the Russian Black Terrier is recognized by the FCI and has its own fanciers but it’s still unadvisable for a novice canine owner to adopt such a puppy. Although the Russian Black Terriers make great guardians, firstly, they become almost unstoppable if they start to carry out an attack (as all terriers, by the way) so you can’t be sure that you’ll manage to get it off an ill-intended person before he’ll quit putting up resistance.  And secondly, this pitch-black dog can try to boss its own «pack» around and attempt to take a dominative position at home. However it will continue to defend its masters from strangers but in this case the dog will perform this task at its own discretion.

Training of these dogs is a challenging yet interesting task. They suit best for those people who have already kept and trained large dogs.

And if you encounter the Russian Black Terrier with its master (even if he is just a kid) in the street, you’d better not even to believe meanly of them. This dog is a true expert in hunting humans, and you have a very slim chance to cope with it.

It’s well known, that many breeds were raised under certain conditions and with the clear purpose: either to happily knock a ball around or to hunt and to guard cattle. As for today’s dogs, everything depends on good breeding and love. That is why neglected or abandoned dogs can’t help returning to their aggressive ancestors’ pattern of life, which struggled for existence under harder conditions than now. Remember not to make the same mistake, especially when you’re an owner of the one dog’s breeds mentioned above.

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