Top most dangerous dogs in the world (with cnologists comments)

Top most dangerous dogs in the world (with cnologists comments)

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Animals are considered to be our little brothers. Dogs are certainly on the top of this list. Besides, it’s often difficult to believe, that such a clever and kind type of pet as a dog can bite someone’s limbs off.

The thing is, not all dogs are born to merrily bark at the top of their voices at a sight of stretched out hands. Thus we would like to present you the list of the most dangerous breeds, since, as it’s said, forewarned is forearmed.

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

A combative breed, which is capable to kill almost any enemy. Incorrect upbringing of this dog is suicidal both for passers-by and owners themselves. Be careful!

Cynologists’ Comments: The American Pit Bull Terrier (or just the Pit Bull Terrier) is a popular breed in America but it can be very rarely found in other European countries where it has been put on the list of prohibited dog breeds.

The Pit Bull Terrier alongside with the English and American Staffordshire Terriers is one of the breeds whose international standard regards human aggression as a disqualifying characteristic. In other words, the specimens of these breeds which demonstrate aggression to humans rather than to other animals are excluded from breeding and they aren’t allow to compete in dog shows and canine sports. And as far as Europe and the US concern, such dogs are sold out only as pets with obligatory preliminary or following sterilization. Or they are actually put down.

However there are many dogs whose breeders don’t care a curse for the breed’s standard.  The gloomy rumours about these breeds have gone round because of such bad breeding practices as well as for the reason that unscrupulous owners hunted their pets on humans instead of on animals. Stories about their attacks really look dreadfully since it’s almost impossible to get the embittered terrier off the prey. That’s exactly why their aggression to humans is turned off genetically.

 At this point if we are talking about fighting dogs which were acquired in canine clubs where animals have the FCI’s pedigree, then we are talking about the dogs which are almost completely deprived of human aggression. Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers can be endowed with innate aggression to other animals (or they lack it, in this case as luck would have it), but it must never be aggressive to humans. Its development is utterly disapproved by breeders and handlers and although it’s impossible to guarantee the absence of human aggression in fighting dogs, such trait can be considered as an exception, which appears from careless unprincipled breeding practices, rather than the breed’s characteristic or its natural propensity. Unfortunately such exceptions create tragic and ghastly situations so they remain buzz word for a long time. Nonetheless in terms of numbers such dogs take very tiny percentage of the breed’s total population.

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