Tesla Cybertruck has arrived

décembre 16, 2019


The Tesla Cybertruck has arrived, and it looks nothing like any pickup truck you’ve ever seen.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the long-awaited electric pickup truck at its Design Studio in Hawthorne. When the car drove onto the stage, many in the crowd couldn’t believe this was the vehicle they’d come to see. The Cybertruck looks like a significant metal trapezoid on wheels, more like an art piece than a truck.


 The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric battery-powered light commercial vehicle. Three models have been announced, the stated goal of Tesla in developing the Cybertruck is to provide sustainable energy.

Cybertruck production is slated to begin in 2021, with more models being offered by 2022. 


A lot has been said about the futuristic design of the Cybertruck.

One thing Tesla should address for the company to sell the electric pickup truck and that is its legality on the road, we’ve already imagined what the Cybretruck would look like if it were to be redesigned as a road-legal production truck.


With the addition of side mirror cameras, headlight clusters, smaller tires, windshield wipers, and rounder edges, this rendering of the Cybertruck could be the production version of the Tesla truck. 

This version of the Cybertruck could still flunk European standards safety, more so with the one that Tesla presented during its reveal. For the Cybertruck to pass European regulations on automobiles, active modifications to the basic structure are warranted.