9 Steps to DIY an At Home Facial

9 Steps to DIY an At Home Facial

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If facials aren’t already part of your beauty regime, then now’s the time to give one a try. Getting a facial monthly is a great way to keep your skin youthful, glowing, and healthy. The downside though, is that facials are expensive, and can put a dent in your wallet – especially if you’re doing one monthly. Often overlooked is the idea of doing an at home facial DIY style, yourself. Once you’ve got the steps down, doing at at home facial is a great way to amp up your skincare routine for quite a number of reasons:

  • Save money: You can save hundreds of dollars by skipping out on your next facial appointment and opting in for an at home facial instead 
  • Learn new skills: Be the skincare queen by showing your gals how you can do more than just cleanse and moisturize. Learning how to properly steam, extract and take care of your skin is a lifelong skill that you’ll carry with you
  • You’re in control: Have you ever had a bad experience with an esthetician who didn’t quite help your skin? With an at home facial, you’re in charge

If you’re interested in learning how you can pamper yourself with an at home facial, then keep reading for our easy 9-step method for DIY facials.


The most important step of all – before beginning your at home facial, be sure to remove all of your makeup. Here’s a quick read on how to easily remove all of your makeup to ensure you’ve left no residue behind. From coconut oil to makeup remover wipes, there are lots of methods to thoroughly rid your face of any foundation, eye shadow, or mascara.


Once you’ve removed your makeup, the next step is to cleanse your skin. Foam cleansers, cleansing oils, and gel cleansers are all great ways to give your skin a deep clean.  One of our favorite cleansers include Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Boosters Daily Cleanser. Not only does it do a great job of keeping your skin feeling fresh, clean, and smooth; but the cleanser prevents breakouts without over-drying your skin. (Highly recommend – give it a try if you’re looking to find a new cleanser!)